The Issues Christian Leaders Face

ProblemsIn the 66 books of the Bible, every issue of life that faces us humans is dealt with. Let me briefly show you some of the 66 examples or issues a typical ministry leader may face in your organization. So take a deep breath and hang on – you are about to take ride through the life of a Christian leader.

Issue #1

The leader is told by several members that they think the worship service on Sunday mornings are too loud, too long and too contemporary. They are thinking of going to another ministry.

Issue #2

The very same week, several members tell the worship leader the services are too stuffy and traditional. They want more of a spiritual breakthrough that uses more lively contemporary music.

Issue #5

Months after being undermined by controlling board members, the minister discovers he is the 40th minister in the church’s 70 year history. Wondering what he’s walked into, he considers if he will survive the demonic gauntlet in which he and his young family find themselves.

Issue #6

The leader receives word that the minister of music is having an affair with someone with whom he works. How much time and energy will he have to spend restoring this brother and his marriage in the weeks ahead? How will he explain the situation to the Church?

Issue #7

The Spirit of God has been moving powerfully in the meetings where people are being saved and set free from bondages. Several people complain to the elders that they don’t like the services because there isn’t enough Bible teaching.

Issue #11

Another teenager tells her youth pastor that her stepfather is sexually abusing her. He’s been secretly videotaping her with hidden cameras. How will the ministers bring healing into this situation?

Issue #14

The minister is informed by his board that he doesn’t really have the authority to lead the church the way he believes God is directing him. They remind him that he is really just an employee of the church, not the true leader of the ministry.

Issue #15

The counselor is shocked during a counseling session to hear a grown woman casually mention she’s been having sex with her brother since childhood. Where will she find the skills and the time to untangle this psychological and emotional mess?

Issue #18

The leader is told he isn’t sensitive enough because he doesn’t spend enough personal time with the people in his ministry. After all, all he has to do is preach on Sunday.

Issue #26

A single mother comes to the Sunday school teacher in tears explaining that her rebellious teenage daughter ran away because there aren’t enough programs at the church for teenagers. Once again someone in leadership is told the ministry let them and their family down.

Issue #28

The minister is asked by a husband if he would please cast demons out of his wife; she’s been hearing voices and he believes they are connected to the fact that she used to have sex with animals.

Issue #30

The local pastor is told a family doesn’t attend anymore because he doesn’t stand at the front door and shake hands. When he leaves the altar after service to shake hands at the front door, he is criticized for not being the kind of pastor who stays up front to pray with people after service.

Issue #31

The leader is criticized by part of the ministry for not preaching enough on political issues like abortion, gambling, etc. The very same month, the leader receives word that a family isn’t coming anymore because the pastor spends too much time on political issues and not on the gospel.

Issue #33

Because no one else will confront her, the Sunday school leader has to rebuke another high maintenance “drama queen”, who always seems offended or who is offending someone in the class.

Issue #38

The apostolic leader is called upon to pick up the pieces of a family; the “Christian” husband committed suicide. How will the leader explain this to the children?

Issue #42

One of the associate pastors decides to take half of the congregation and start a church across town, leaving the other leader with half a church and a whole mortgage.

Issue #47

The pastor discovers that the church van was in a terrible accident which killed three teenagers in the youth group. He will have to summon all the grace he can in order to minister to the devastated families, as well as believers wondering why God would let this happen.

Issue #50

A woman comes to the home group leader to tell him due to her “Christian” husband’s promiscuity she now has an incurable sexual disease. What is she supposed to do?

Issue #54

The senior pastor is told he should let other people in the church share from the pulpit and to be less controlling.

Issue #55

The pastor opens his pulpit to others in the church only to be criticized for wasting the people’s time with novice associates they don’t like or respect. How will the pastor convince the congregation to be more loving and patient with developing ministers?

Issue #65

The leadership is inundated with suggestions about what the ministry should do right after each sermon by people who offer little or nothing to see those ideas come to pass. They feel they have done great service for God by telling the leadership what they think the ministry ought to do.

Excerpt fromWhat In Hell… Is Going On?”

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3 Responses to The Issues Christian Leaders Face

  1. This was such a timely piece of writing. Much prayer to leaders. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Steve Silver says:

    Thank you for reminding me what I am suppose to do as a leader. Lead as the Holy Spirit leads, wait upon Him and keep reminding myself who the Real leader is GOD

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