Helping Believers Work Together

Welcome to the Movement!

While Christians around the world continue to honor their home ministry and spiritual foundations, they are also embracing the prayer and heart cry of the Lord Jesus for His people to be One. It was the last thing Jesus prayed on His last free night on earth; it is also the last unstoppable move of God on planet earth. It might seem impossible to us, but this is the goal of heaven. Jesus is not coming back for harem; He’s coming back for a Bride! The Lord is releasing great wisdom to overcome the age old excuses and obstacles that have divided His Body for so long. Believe it or not, there is an emerging generation of believers who are maturing into the stature of Christ. God’s Word is coming to pass right before our discerning eyes.headshot-jeff-2

One Lord One Body Ministries exists to help the Body of Christ grow up into all things, into Jesus Christ who is the head of the Church. From learning how to get along with the believers in your own church, to working with believers throughout your community, real help is on the way. We have many resources that are foundational to Christian maturity and ministry.  As we draw near to the Last Day we can see that both the “tares and the wheat” are maturing into the full expression of who they really are. The Church of Jesus Christ is entering its last and most glorious act in the drama of the Ages.  Our ministry exists to facilitate that maturity process by removing the obstacles of wrong thinking so we can be all we are meant to be in Christ. The greater things that Jesus promised we would walk in are right before us.

What will help us advance the Kingdom of God and grow healthy believers is to remember that Jesus didn’t come to earth to bring a religion; He came to establish His kingdom, His domain. Understanding God’s rulership or government involves seeing things from a kingdom or apostolic perspective.  This starts by reminding ourselves that “the church” isn’t the pattern for how we do Christianity; Jesus is our pattern!  There is a lot we need to talk about so come on in and let’s get to it!


You financial investment provides the resources that is helping connect the Body of Christ and making the Kingdom of God a reality in our communities right here where we live and around the world.

One Lord One Body Ministries is a 501(c) (3) organization, in affiliation with The Fellowship Network, in Irving, Texas.

Our Address is: PO Box 952814 Lake Mary, Florida 32795