The Inner Journey

Understanding The Three Levels of Christian Maturity

Is there a way to make sense of all the sermons and teachings we hear as believers? Where do all these spiritual lessons lead? Did you ever wish you could have a bird’s eye view of your spiritual journey, to see where you have come from and what you are heading into?Journey 3

The Inner Journey reminds us when Jesus walked the earth He used many parables and illustrated sermons to communicate spiritual truth. In these parables He used fig trees, tares, leaven, seeds, a pearl, wineskins, a wedding feast, talents, a coin, as well as sheep and goats to get His point across. Yet in Scripture itself, there is a marvelous road map to spiritual maturity not commonly understood by many believers. Something akin to what Nicolas Cage discovered in the movie “National Treasure”. When his character used special glasses, you could see a hidden treasure map appear on the Declaration of Independence. The Holy Bible is our Declaration of Independence from sin and Satan. Hopefully this book, with the Holy Spirit’s help, will be your special glasses so you can find the treasure that’s been hidden, not from us, but for us.

The Lord has truly given us a map or a template by which we can understand His nature and His will for us in the Holy Scriptures. God put in His Bible a wonderful diagram or treasure map to help us see the three stages or levels of Christian maturity. I believe the Tabernacle helps illustrate the progressive nature of our relationship with Him. Learning about the Tabernacle will open our eyes to a holy God who is drawing us to Himself. You will finally understand where you have come from and what you are headed into. Your future has God Himself waiting for you. Press on towards your upward call.

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