A Better Way To Govern


Helping Politicians, Preachers and Problem Solvers Find Solutions

Why do we see the same entrenchment between the two political parties at every election cycle? How can so many well-educated people not see eye to eye on the most basic issues? Why do we see the same stubbornness at the PTA meeting, the board meeting at work or the family squabble in our own homes? Is there something going on here that we are missing?https://www.facebook.com/Govern 3

A Better Way To Govern will make you think beneath the surface of your decision-making process. Many of your presuppositions will come to light as never before as you audit your political and religious mindset. Your own thinking will become apparent in a way you may not have considered before. For some, this material may seem too nebulous, for others it may seem irrelevant, but I dare say it is more important to potential solutions in your life and in our world than we realize. If you are unconcerned about expanding your worldview, I ask you to consider those for whom you are responsible for. This may help you better lead them.

Why even bother to consider this philosophical line of reasoning?  Because you and I know there is a lack of life-giving solutions in our institutions and relationships as humans. We don’t need more energy pouring into the same strategies which produce the same results. We are missing something. Whether it is your church or marriage, the local school board meeting, your state legislature or Congress, we seem to have become stuck in a continual quagmire of irreconcilable differences. There seems to be some hidden reason why we aren’t coming together to resolve issues we haven’t recognized. I believe there is a reason for our “stuckness” and that we can change it with some new insight and courage. If you are ready to switch things up a bit, read on.

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