About Jeff Krall

A Friend of the Bridegroom and the Bride

Jeff Krall is a Christian leader who has been proclaiming the Word of God for over 38 years. With a prophetic call to the Body of Christ, Jeff has gained insights into the (pastoral/teaching) and the (apostolic/prophetic) sides of the ministry. With a straight forward approach he candidly addresses common misconceptions among believers by helping them see things from a broader context. He has written several books that address the obstacles hindering Christian maturity and the advancing Kingdom of God. In 1991 he founded the Sanford Ministers Fellowship in Sanford Florida, which created a place for Christian leaders to meet for over 20 years. After 28 years of pastoring he now spends most of his time teaching Apologetics to High School students, and working with Christian leaders who want to work together for Jesus. He has been married to Melanie for 39 years and has one son, Thomas.

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