The Blessing of the Tithe

Understanding The Privilege of Giving God His Holy Portion

Does God have a use for your money? Is money connected to our spirituality? How much are we supposed to Tithe 3give to God or to our Church? What can we learn about ourselves from the way we handle money?

Money is an important topic to God. Look at how many times the following words are used in the Bible. Believe – 272 times, Pray 371 times, Love – 714 times and Give – 2,162 times. As you can see giving is important to God. He knows what a person does with their money can say a lot about a person.

“Is tithing for today? Isn’t it just an Old Testament Law? Aren’t we under grace today?” Does it all sound like legalism to you? Have you been to a church where money is all they seem to talk about? Have you been turned off by all the high pressure preachers on television asking for money, so they can stay on the air, so they can tell you how to serve a God who meets all your needs – well, except their own television bills?

When the offering plate goes by in your church, do you cheerfully give, or do you cringe inside hoping the offering will be a quick one? Are you giving God the amount He wants, or do you simply put a few dollars in to “tip” God for all His work in your life? If these questions strike an interest, then hang in there. We are about to take a journey through the Bible to discover the wonderful “Blessing Of The Tithe.

Bonus Section Sheep, Goats, Pigs And Other People Who Attend Your Church. This bonus material will help the new believer understand who may be sitting next to them this Sunday at church.

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May the Lord increase the fruit of your ministry in His wonderful name.