What In Hell… Is Going On?

Understanding The Real Battle Taking Place Behind the Scenes in Your Christian Organization

Have you ever wanted to know what was going on the behind the scenes of your church or ministry organization? Would you like to be a fly on the wall during some of their leadership meetings? Have you ever thought about what the effects of spiritual warfare are on Christian organizations around the world and what we can do about it? Hell 3

What In Hell… Is Going On takes an honest look at the fierce war taking place around us. Are you aware of the demonic strategies aimed at your leaders? I can tell you from experience, Hell is trying to destroy everything your group is trying to do for God. This is not some melodrama or a sensational scare tactic. Neither is this information some hyper spiritualization of the natural events going on around us. This book pulls back the curtain and reveals what the opposition to the Ministry of Jesus Christ looks like where the rubber meets the road where you live.

This is a candid and honest look at the cost of serving God in a lost world. It is not meant discourage anyone from serving the Lord; but it is written to sober us up so you and I won’t become one of the discouraging spiritual statistics you are about to read. I suppose one purpose of this book is like a Drill Sergeant preparing soldiers for war. This material can save your life and keep you in the fight for the long run. It can also point you to the honest and transparent people you will need in order to finish well.

With a responsibility to prepare the next generation of believers for Christian service, I take this job seriously. I will tell you things you probably have never been told before about the Ministry. Yes it’s finally time for you to have this adult conversation about how the saints of God are advancing the Kingdom of God.

With a little more than a 100 pages this resource blow the lid off the secrecy and dysfunction in our ministries. Here is the Table of Contents.

1. Why This Book is Necessary

2. The Hats a Christian Leader Wears

3. Welcome to Your Leader’s Life

4. The Power of Critical Words

5. The Leader and Sin in the Camp

6. Criticized by Cross-less Christians

7. “Cains” in the Congregation

8. Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

9. Weekly Issues Do Affect Your Leader

10. Ten Things to Help Your Ministry

11. A Word to Ministry Leaders

12. Where Do We Go From Here?

The Strategic Purpose for this Book

First, it is a specific tool to help grow up the people of God, by having an adult conversation about the realities of the Christian ministry as it is played out in the local church, home group, jail ministry, homeless ministry, mission organization etc.

Second, it gives Christian leaders and the people in their ministries a tool to initiate this adult conversation with their core leaders, facilitated by someone outside their ministry. If the material is too heavy for some to digest, they can always eat the fish and spit out the bones. At least the conversation will have started.

Third, it exposes demonic strategies hidden in the local ministry, so God’s people can exercise their dominion over Satan instead of over each other.

Fourth, it may provide new insight about differences in ministry gifting and governmental adjustments that can be made in order to reduce the number of disagreements the devil uses to hide behind as he hinders the flow of the Holy Spirit in the organization.

Fifth, it reveals the sin nature operating among religious people and thus the need for all believers to let the cross of Christ have its deeper work in our lives.

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