Working Together for Jesus

Helping Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers Get Along

Why don’t more Christians work together in your town? Is it because we are immature or is because the Devil is better at what he does than we are at what we do?Working 3

Working Together For Jesus is written for Christians who believe God is calling the Body of Christ to work together in greater ways for the final ingathering of souls. If you are working (or want to work) side by side with other believers in your ministry, church or city, this material will help you understand some of the reasons why we have allowed ourselves to be so easily divided and why there has been “conflict in the camp”.

As we look at the world around us we see our planet rushing towards one world government through computer language as we go on-line with the Inter-“net”. This is only a reflection of how our God is preparing His “net” to catch men, as ministries across the land are networking together, speaking the same language … ”Jesus is Lord.” Truly the prayer of Jesus Christ in John 17; (that we would be one) is coming to pass right before our discerning eyes.

To accomplish this great harvest and maturing of the saints, the Lord gave five ministry gifts or functions to the Body of Christ. He gave the Church five ministries because He knew it would take all five to get the job done. Yet, there is often misunderstanding between these ministry gifts to the Church, which has hindered the effectiveness of the Body of Christ in our cities. I submit the reason for much of the division in the Body has less to do with our doctrinal differences and more to do with our immaturity and ministry motivation.

Do you believe the Church of Jesus Christ is ready to step into the kind of maturity that answers Jesus’ prayer and brings in the last great harvest? If so, then you may find some new tools here that will help you help others join the team.

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