Why Does it Feel Like Jesus is Walking Past Me?

Pic 17Why didn’t Jesus pray for people to stop sinning? Why didn’t He offer to help? This is crucial for us to understand if we are going to walk in freedom. Why didn’t He use His power to help the drunkard, the thief or the adulterer? When we realize that we don’t need His power encounter, but rather His truth encounter, we will stop waiting for our deliverance; we will walk in it. Jesus didn’t pray for people to stop their sinful habits, because He provided a way for them to stop. We have more of a choice than we realize. He can’t manipulate our wills even if it is for our own good.

Today many Christians are waiting for Jesus (or a minister) to come by and lay His hands on them like He did for the sick, so they’ll stop their sinful habit. People are praying for God to “take this sin from me”. Do you know that is an ineffective prayer?

You and I will wait a long time, but the Lord will walk right on by. “Why doesn’t the Lord help me?” you might ask. The Bible says He already has … you just don’t know what He has done for you. We haven’t taken advantage of what He’s done for us. We haven’t learned how to appropriate what He’s already done. That is the simple truth of why we aren’t free now.

Let me say here that it is fine to have people pray for us when we a struggling with a sinful habit. Confessing our faults to another humbles us and sets us free from pride so we can receive more of God’s grace. However the effectiveness of a person praying for us is really about them praying for us to recognize the blinders and demonic interference, so we can receive the truth that sets us free.

With an open mind and a teachable heart, let’s look at what the Lord has already done for us. Remember this, “Christianity really works”. God gave us a way to live in Christ that promises 100% victory. If you and I are not experiencing victory it’s not because God’s plan is weak; it is because we haven’t correctly learned how to take full advantage of Biblical truth in our lives.

It’s like having lots of money in the bank but no knowledge of how to fill out the withdrawal slip to get the money out. If you’re ready to get down to business then let’s read on. Don’t be in a hurry; sometimes this process of freedom takes awhile before you get a handle on it and your thinking aligns with God’s Word.

Excerpt from  “You Can Be Free”

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  1. Good points. My people die for lack of knowledge. Lack of what knowledge? Lack of knowing Jehovah/Yahweh and what HE said.

    How did most of us get that way? Answer in another topic you started: Shepherds, goats, pigs and other people who stand in pulpits.

  2. Excellent points. Oh how we bristle at the concept that free will has consequences and “working out our salvation” is just that, work. Salvation encompasses more than having our sins forgiven and going to heaven. It is living life now in the fullness that God intended us to possess. Old habits need to be changed and new ones put in place in order for this to happen.
    Great stuff, keep up the good work.

  3. Well said!

    Why does it feel as if he walks past? It isn’t about him removing all of our sins for us – it is about dying to our old self. Self-polishing to remove every blemish – to a sheen that is clean and pure.

    He does not serve us. We love, serve, obey , and honor him.

  4. In Ro3:30 we read that Paul by the Spirit says that the circumcision were justified by faith and the uncircumcision through faith; I asked the LORD any years ago to show me the difference otherwise Paul wouldn’t have used two words instead of one if they were the same “BY FAITH and “THROUGH FAITH”

    The LORD began to show me the Word Covenant and Covenant right; But they who were of the Covenant right had to believe He (Jesus) was the Messiah the Christ prophesied by the Prophets. All of Israel had Covenant right to all that God vested in Christ God was willing to reveal. Now Faith doesn’t play out in that they could see Him handle Him and hear Him; faith speaks of God’s ability vested in Christ through which Faith comes and to them who believe. The man born blind didn’t have to believe Jesus simply spit on the dirt in His hand and anointed the blind mans eyes. All who came to Jesus were drawn to Him of the Father; God knew when someone believed the faith to be healed. I purposely stated it this way because in fact if anyone will live by faith, they will have to believe first. They whose minds argued and scoffed and spoke evilly missed out and they to whom Jesus willed He healed FREELY because of Covenant right. When ever Jesus asked “DO YOU BELIEVE I CAN DO THIS (heal you)” WAS A QUESTION TO VERIFY WHETHER THEY WERE COMING TO Him of themselves or drawn to Him by God.

    Now we who are of the Post resurrection of Christ, do not see feel handle or hear Him WE ARE LOCKED IN TO > BELIEVING HIM AT HIS WORD. It is god for anyone to believe that faith comes by hearing the Word of God and stay grounded and settled in the Word of knowledge of which Wisdom says BELIEVE those things that God speaks, that be not as thought hey were. I guarantee God telegraphs faith to us with speaking those things that be Not as though they Were And I assure you the Will and Purpose of God is revealed in that He speaks those things that be not as though they were.

    Anyone that hasn’t settled that Paul’s letters are filled with the Unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God and unto a perfect man; “Unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,Ep4:13 I don’t want to write a book here so I’ll stop now Blessed beloved

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