It Really Is God’s Book

Why The Holy Bible Is The Word of God

Did you ever wonder why so many Book 3people seem to blindly follow the Holy Bible? Why do so many intelligent people accept what it says without questioning some of the questionable portions? Are these people simpletons? Is there any significant factual evidence that this book bears the marks of a supernatural or Supreme Being? Or are we supposed to just take it all on faith?

It Really Is God’s Book gives a brief overview of the astounding facts that distinguish the Holy Bible from every other “holy book” in the world. After looking at the data, you will soon realize that the Bible simply stands apart and outclasses every other religious writing in the world. The
argument that “all religions are the same” will quickly vanish as you examine the uniqueness of the Bible. We should be grateful for this magnificent gift from God. Multitudes have lost their lives trying to read it, translate it into other languages, and simply believe and live it. Look inside and discover the beauty of the Word of God. At the end we included a short summary on God’s Plan for Man to give you an idea of just what God is up to with us.

Bonus Section Understanding God’s Plan For Man

Why is God Hidden from us? Why is He silent? Why doesn’t He fix the world’s pressing problems like world hunger, war and injustice? Are there meaningful answers to life’s big questions or are we just supposed to live our lives without understanding these things? Look inside and see that there actually is a picture on the front of the box we call the Bible. That picture will help you put the puzzle pieces of your life into the bigger picture of God’s Plan for Man.

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